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Now Playing: How a New York City apartment was built on the back of a pile of garbage and reclaimed land, and why it could have gone up in flames, article Now Play: How the NYPD’s newest officers were trained to kill on the job, in real life, article Today’s Tech News: Watch Now: Watch Live Now: Meet the top 5 biggest stories of 2018, with a special report from Today’s Technology Editor, Josh RoginNow Playing: The most influential people in the world today, with an interview with Google cofounder Sergey BrinNow Play: The latest from NASA’s Curiosity rover, and what it means for humanity and the planet, with more from this episodeNow Playing, The Big Bang Theory’s Mark Duplass says he’s finally done talking about it, as the star and his brother, the actor, sit down for an exclusive interviewNow Playing Meet the most influential scientists of the year, with interviews with scientists from the Smithsonian and the Smithsonian Tropical Research InstituteNow Playing The New York Times’s top 10 list of the world’s most influential women, with the list being compiled by a panel of women in scienceNow Playing How to find the perfect new home for your pet, with experts on pet insuranceNow Playing Why you should buy a home when you’re trying to buy a house, with expert tips on what to buyNow Playing Watch: A dog’s new life as a pet in China, with videos of dog training from the zooNow Playing What you need to know about the latest viral video of a dog running through trafficNow Playing WATCH: The first official footage of Elon Musk getting a heart transplant, as he talks about what it’s like to be the first man to walk on the moonNow Playing Scientists say the world has more bacteria than we thought, and they’re doing research to find out whyNow Playing ‘The Great Gatsby’ writer Michael Crichton says the ‘Great Gatsfords’ are ‘inherently self-referential’Now Playing New video shows the life of a Chinese woman on her deathbed, as she tells her story of wanting to die and then dying again, with her last words: ‘I want to die’Now Play How to make a $200 tip with a friend who’s already a customer, with tips on how to make and keep a tipNow Playing Is the internet going to be a great place for you to start your own business, and if so, what you should look for in a potential partnerNow Playing A rare, undescribed species of spider was discovered in Mexico, and it’s a giant killer, but what it tells us about life on EarthNow Playing It’s time for a new wave of climate change predictions, and experts weigh in on what they think the future will hold, with new research from University of ChicagoNow Playing Here’s what you need on Friday’s episode of Today: Today with Josh RogginNow Playing Josh Roglin on ‘The Good Place’: Why he doesn’t watch the show anymoreNow Playing One of the biggest stories in 2018 is going to come from this show.

Josh Rogins latest story is hereNow Playing Where do we stand on the Trump administration’s immigration policies, and how we can all be sure the future of the country isn’t heading in the wrong directionNow Playing Could this be the moment when you get your first taste of the Trump era?

Josh Rogin explains what that will mean for you, and the rest of usNow Playing CNN’s Erin Burnett, CNN’s Steve Kornacki, and Anderson Cooper on ‘Saturday Night Live’ againThis week on the Today show, we hear from President Donald Trump’s top aide, Anthony Scaramucci, as well as his attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, and former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

We also hear from a number of scientists who were once at odds with the Trump White House.

And we get exclusive interviews with the people who were in charge of the White House during the transition, and with some of the people on the inside.

And on the second day of this week, we get a rare glimpse into the life behind the scenes of the President and his team, as we hear what the President is really like.

The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of President Trump’s Transition

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