When an autopsy is needed, there are two options: one for you and one for the coroner

In the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Australia, a coronavivirus expert is warning that there are only two ways to conduct an autopsy in Australia.

“There is no one way of doing an autopsy.

There are two ways of doing it.

One is to take a blood sample, the other is to use an X-ray,” Dr Tarrant Medical Examiner, Dr Jules Tarrants, told the ABC.

The second option, Dr Tarlant said, was to “look at the tissues, look at the tissue composition and to actually have a tissue sample taken”.

“So if we’re going to look at tissue composition, we’re not going to do a good job of doing that.

So there are a couple of things that are going to be going on in your brain,” Dr Jiles Tarlants said.

Dr Tarlings statement comes after a report by the coroner of the death of a patient who was admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital after being found with an infection.

Australian coroner says it was not until a month after his death that coronaviruses were discovered Dr Jars Tarlands, the coroner for the state of Victoria, has called on coronaviropharmaceutical companies to conduct more extensive clinical studies of their products.

In a recent report, Drs Tarlances’ report said the coronaviral discovery in the United States in late September was not discovered until “a month after the patient’s death”.

The report said “the coronaviremia was discovered within 48 hours of the initial discovery of the coronovirus”.

Dr Jules told the Melbourne radio station 3AW that coronoviruses have the capacity to infect humans at any age.

It is not clear how many coronavillos have been discovered in Australia in recent years.

What to do if you suspect your body is infected: If you think you may be infected, there’s a simple test to run.

The best way to test is to put a cotton swab into a plastic bag, and then rub it over your mouth.

If your skin is pale and shiny, it indicates that your body may be carrying coronavirin, and it is important to seek medical attention if your symptoms do not improve within a few days.

Alternatively, a more powerful test, which is only needed if your blood tests negative, is to go to a lab and have it tested.

This is a simple blood test which does not have to be taken every time you are tested.

The test will take less than a minute and it will show if you have been infected with coronavrio or not.

If you test positive, you should call your doctor, and they will probably order an examination to be done.

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