How a medical examiner answered a clipart question on his medical examiner clipart


Some medical examiners are struggling with a shortage of staff.

An Associated Press survey found only 16% of all medical examining states had enough doctors to perform the work, with fewer than a third of states meeting their medical examiner staffing needs.

“It’s a massive issue,” said Mark Reichert, president of the American Medical Association, which represents nearly 200,000 medical examinees nationwide.

“People don’t have the resources to go into a hospital and do an autopsy or perform an x-ray, or do a PET scan, or conduct a brain scan, without some help.”

There are about 100,000 licensed physicians in the United States.

Of those, only about 12,000 are certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, a certification system that requires exams to be done by certified examiners, who are supposed to be medical experts.

That makes it difficult for doctors to provide the best care for patients.

The shortage has led to a spike in patient deaths.

A new report by the advocacy group The Center for Public Integrity found that in 2014, doctors in the U.S. killed 6,200 patients, nearly twice as many as in 2014.

Many of those deaths occurred in states where the medical examines were overwhelmed.

The report found the majority of the deaths were due to underlying medical conditions.

In Texas, where the number of medical examineries has been growing at a rapid pace, there are more than 8,000 operating and maintaining medical examina-tions in the state.

Texas has had some of the highest rates of patient deaths among the nation’s biggest states, with nearly 40,000 patients dying between January and July of that year.

There are several reasons why medical examin-gs are struggling.

The number of licenses available in Texas has been shrinking in recent years, according to data from the Texas Commission on Medical Licensure.

That means more people can’t afford to practice medicine.

And state regulators are looking to change that.

The Texas Medical Board is trying to address the shortage by issuing more licenses.

It’s also considering a program to provide free and discounted exams to those who cannot afford to pay for them.

There is also concern that examiners will get caught up in the political debate over medical malpractice laws, which critics say could lead to more litigation.

The AP asked a number of questions to examiners in Texas and elsewhere about how they handle patient care, including whether they use the same medical technology that’s used for autopsies, the examination that uses a computer to look for and remove tissue and other biological debris.

Many answered the AP with questions like, “I am a licensed physician.

What is my practice like?

How do I treat patients?”

The AP also asked how they perform an autopsy and if they use a computerized tomography scanner.

A medical examiner who answered those questions did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The medical board is considering issuing more medical examiner licenses to fill a shortage.

The problem is especially acute in Texas, which has about 70 medical exami-nges and the nation has the most medical examiner staff per capita in the world.

The state is also the most populous, with an estimated 1.3 million residents.

The American Medical Assoc.

has more than 50,000 members nationwide.

In California, there were about 12.5 million licensed physicians.

Some state medical examini-gists said they needed more medical examinas.

Dr. David Zang, chief medical examiner for the state of California, said that when he was appointed by the state legislature in 2016, he decided to open a second medical examiner practice in a remote area in Northern California to meet the increasing demand.

But he was also concerned that the number he was able to hire was not enough.

“We had to expand to fill the gap in our staff, so we’ve been working with the California Medical Board to increase our staff,” he said.

“And we’re doing that.”

The medical examiner’s shortage in Texas is particularly acute.

In 2014, the AP reviewed more than 2,200 medical examiner licensing applications for the medical examiner profession in Texas.

It found the state had about 4,000 examiners who were not certified by The American Board.

Some of those examiners did not even have a medical license.

The board said it was concerned that a number who were certified were not being paid properly for the work they do.

The California Medical Examining Board, which oversees examiners for the entire state, said it had asked the board for more examiners to fill in the gap.

It has also asked the state to increase the number it can hire to provide medical examiner services to all medical examiner examiners.

That has been done, but the number has been insufficient to cover the growing demand, the board said in a statement.

“If the state does not

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