When an Alzheimer’s diagnosis sparks a new age of inquiry

New research from researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University indicates that people who have Alzheimer’s have an increased ability to “understand” the new age.

The study, which was published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry, shows that people with dementia are more able to understand the new world around them.

The research shows that while people with Alzheimer’s experience some cognitive deficits and can be “intimidated” by new information, people with the disease don’t experience a loss of awareness.

This can be due to a lack of understanding of how to respond to the new information and can make them less able to comprehend the new ideas around them, according to a study led by Dr. Anurag Khanna and colleagues.

“Our findings suggest that the new awareness that arises from the onset of dementia, and its related cognitive impairments, may also facilitate a cognitive understanding of the world around us,” Khanna said.

“While some dementia patients do not experience a cognitive impairment, we found that some patients have deficits in their cognitive processes and thus can be easily intimidated by new cognitive information.”

The researchers were able to track people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease using a new technology that allows people to record their brain activity using brain-wave activity.

Researchers used the technology to track their brain waves using a special MRI machine that uses electrodes to record electrical activity in the brain.

They also recorded people’s brains as they interacted with objects, including objects with moving parts, and asked them to type out words in their own words.

The researchers also used the EEG data to determine how much a person was “aware” of new information.

They found that people that were less able than those with mild or moderate dementia to understand new information were also less likely to recognize and understand new objects and ideas.

People who had mild or modest dementia were more likely to use words to describe objects and to use new ideas when asked questions.

“This suggests that some dementia is a cognitive barrier, or a barrier to understanding new information,” Khannas said.

In other words, a person with dementia may have a cognitive deficiency in understanding new ideas, but a person without dementia may be more likely than a person who has Alzheimer’s to be able to perceive and understand a new idea.

This is similar to the way that people are more likely for a disease like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s to benefit from treatment for other conditions, he added.

“In Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, people who are less able or unable to understand novel ideas and new concepts are often more likely or more likely not to benefit in a wide range of clinical and health-related settings,” Khanni said.

The findings have implications for the future of the field of dementia research.

In addition to improving dementia research, understanding dementia could potentially help improve people’s overall health.

“The goal of this study was to examine how people with moderate dementia experience a decline in cognitive functioning, including their ability to identify novel ideas, in order to understand and prevent dementia,” Khahnas said, “and this is the first demonstration of a decline that can be reversed by a new cognitive skill that people can learn.”

The study is part of a larger effort to understand dementia.

Researchers are also conducting more research to determine if people with advanced Alzheimer’s also experience a decrease in cognitive functions, and if this difference is related to the ability to understand complex information.

“A number of factors affect the ability of individuals with advanced dementia to identify new information in the environment,” Khansa said.

This could lead to an improved understanding of dementia.

“As we move into a new era of research, we need to continue to take advantage of these new cognitive skills to understand disease and how it affects the health of people with this disease,” Khhanas said

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