When the FDA Says ‘I Can’t Take Your Test,’ Why Not Take It?

An examiner with the Federal Trade Commission, who was in the process of conducting an endoscopic exam on an elderly woman in Wyoming, told her that the exam was “unethical.”

“I am an examiner and I cannot take your test,” the woman said in a recording of the phone call obtained by Fortune.

“You are being discriminated against and I have a right to refuse you because I cannot accept this,” the examiner responded.

The woman responded, “I’m not discriminated against.

I just want my health.”

The woman told Fortune that the examiner had asked her questions like, “Is this person your doctor?” and “Is it a medical issue?”

“He said that I was discriminating against,” she said.

“It was not an ethical exam.

It was a medical exam.”

The FTC has since launched a new investigation of the woman, whose name has not been released. 

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told Fortune she did not want to be identified because of the nature of her case.

She told the website, “It’s important to know that there are people in this world who do not have the ability to perform an endoscopy, even for a simple medical issue, and are therefore in danger of discrimination.”

“The FDA needs to be accountable for its failures, and its refusal to accept endoscopies from its patients,” the statement said.

More from Fortune.com:The FTC investigation of an elderly patient in Wyoming began after a nurse at the state’s medical examiner office failed to issue the woman an endoscope that she was requesting.

On April 15, the patient called the office, complaining that she had been unable to obtain an endospecimen for her symptoms, the FTC said in its news release.

The patient told the office that she needed an endocytogram, which is a type of endoscape used to test a person’s kidney function.

The woman said she had undergone an endo-scopy with her doctor in April 2015, but that her doctor had advised against it because she had already been in the hospital.

She said the doctor refused to sign her permission for the endoscopic exam, and then informed her that he would not be allowed to give the woman the exam.

After that conversation, the woman called her local hospital and informed them that she wanted an endojet to see if she was pregnant, and the woman had a urine sample sent to a lab.

The woman was unable to get an endogram because of a lack of funds, the statement says.

When the woman told her doctor, the doctor told her he would be unable to provide her the endojete, the complaint says.

The FDA has since said it will investigate the incident.

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