Medical examiner under oath in death of child at family home

Medical Examiner Michael P. Hines has been under oath at his office for several hours to answer questions about the death of his son, Christopher, at the family home in Cambridge in September 2017.

Christopher was found dead in his room in October.

In his testimony, Hines said the child was found unresponsive in the bed with a “large, sharp force” on the left side of his head.

He said the force appeared to have been the result of a fall from the bedroom window.

“The child appeared to be dead for a considerable period of time, possibly as much as six minutes,” Hines testified in a letter to the Boston Medical Examiner’s Office.

“We believe he was killed as a result of the fall from that window.”

Hines also said he didn’t know if the child had a pulse.

“At this time, we do not know the cause of death.

We do not have a clear picture of the manner of death,” Hains said.

Hires testimony was the first from a Massachusetts medical examiner since the death.

His office said the coronavirus has “drastically improved” in the last month.

Hains has not responded to requests for comment.

He also testified that his office does not have the authority to determine if a death is related to the coronivirus.

Hines has previously testified that he is not in a position to investigate the death because of his position as an independent medical examiner.

He is now the head of the Division of Criminal Investigation in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, which oversees the Boston police department.

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