The death of a Boston resident could have been prevented with a more accurate and effective fingerprinting device

A Boston man who died in the hospital following an accidental overdose of prescription drugs may have died of the effects of his contaminated gloves, according to a new report.

The Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s office found that Victor Gomes had died after taking Vicodin, a synthetic opioid, and then using the gloves to wipe down his room, according the Boston Globe.

Gomes died in February, but the case has not been officially investigated.

Grosso was found unresponsive at the hospital after overdosing on the opioid.

After the accident, Grosso’s family said he died of hypothermia, which could have caused his gloves to become contaminated with Vicodil, a stimulant that can be fatal if not immediately removed.

“There is a possibility that Victor may have been poisoned with a stimulent or other drug,” said Dr. Steven Hargreaves, who heads the Office of Medical Examiner in the city of Boston.

Gresham, a longtime resident of Boston who was a teacher at the local high school, had been struggling with addiction for years, the Globe reported.

Gales’ death raises questions about how people with serious drug problems can survive on the street and how to determine the toxicity of drugs like Vicodins.

In December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that people with an opioid addiction receive medical supervision and follow strict drug testing and precautions.

It also suggested that people who have tested positive for Vicodim should be referred to a doctor for testing.

The drug is widely available and widely available on the black market.

It’s also commonly abused, which has led to a surge in overdose deaths, including Grosso.

According to the Globe, the gloves may have fallen into the hands of someone else who is also using Vicodims.

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