How to cross examine a Washingtons attorney

A Washington Examiner reader asked, “What are the best ways to cross-examine an attorney?”

A reader named Michael, who works as a real estate agent in Florida, has put together a handy guide to helping you do just that.

Michael has a great article that summarizes his thoughts on how to cross analyze a lawyer.

We have a few tips for doing so: 1.

Don’t forget the lawyer’s name.

It is usually a good idea to name the lawyer, not just the attorney, in your questions.


Don ‘t use the word “guilty” or “not guilty.”

A lawyer may be guilty or not guilty.

That doesn’t mean that they are guilty of a crime.

The lawyer may not have done anything illegal.

The law may still be on their side.


Don t use the phrase “witnesses,” “guarantees,” or “confessions.”

The lawyer’s words may be true but not necessarily true.

It may be hard to get an accurate statement from a lawyer, but it can be a good strategy to have a good lawyer answer your questions honestly.


Don’ t ask the lawyer how many times he has lied.

Sometimes a lawyer will use a specific example of a false statement, such as telling a judge that he is going to sue a client.

This is especially true when you are asking about a legal matter that involves a lot of lawyers.

The answer will often be different for each lawyer.


Use a lawyer’s full name and title.

This way you can tell who the lawyer is and what their background is.

For example, if you are a lawyer in a federal district court, the lawyer could be Robert G. Bennett, who specializes in civil litigation.

If you are representing a client in a personal injury lawsuit, the name of the lawyer should be Bennett.

When the lawyer says something that is untrue, you can ask him or her why and ask if they have ever lied to you.


Remember that the lawyer may have an agenda.

Some lawyers may want to make the case that you are lying, that you want to harm them, or that you will do something against them.

If they do not want to give you the answer you want, don’t waste your time.


Don”t make a statement that is too broad.

Sometimes, the attorney might make statements that are too vague, that the judge should be satisfied with the answer, or maybe they are making a statement to intimidate you or others.


Don ”t ask if you can cross-analyze.

Cross-examiners can’t do a very good job of getting accurate answers from lawyers.

If a lawyer does not want a question answered, it is best to get a lawyer to answer your question and then ask a question about the answer.


Use the correct vocabulary.

For instance, lawyers sometimes use the words “federal district judge,” “civil case,” “personal injury case,” and “investigation.”

Don”s answer should be clear, concise, and not misleading.


Use clear language and be polite.

Lawyers often speak in a very businesslike way.

Don””t use jargon or terms that might cause you to think you are being followed.

When you are in court, try to avoid using words like “dishonest,” “abusive,” “illegal,” or any other generic terms.


Keep a copy of your question in case the lawyer needs to use it.

If the lawyer uses the answer in court later, be sure to let the judge know.


If your lawyer has not answered your question, make sure to ask about your own questions.

If this is the case, the judge can ask you questions about what you want answered, as well.


Don”t let your attorney tell you what to say.

Sometimes it may be best to just ask a few questions and then explain yourself.


Don””t assume that you know everything about a lawyer or the case.

Ask questions about your questions, not what the lawyer knows.


If an attorney says he can”t give you a statement because of a rule or other obligation, that may be because he doesn”t want to answer questions about a case that is not going to be heard.


Be polite.

A lawyer will always be interested in your question but sometimes it may feel like the lawyer might not like it if you ask too many questions.

Make sure you keep the lawyer”s name, title, and attorney name out of your questions so that the questions are not used to harass the lawyer.


Be respectful.

A good lawyer will try to be fair, but he or she also has a responsibility to protect the client.

Be clear and respectful when asking a lawyer questions.

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