How to check if you’ve had an autopsy, doctor tells Fox News

BERNARDO, Texas — A medical examiner who had a private practice for nearly three decades and had conducted an autopsy on the body of his first patient testified Thursday that he was shocked when he read the news that an autopsy had been performed on a man who died in a Texas hospital while he was working.

In his opening statement, Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith, who has a long medical history, told a Texas court that his office received a call from a hospital patient who was dying and told him he needed a CT scan.

Smith said he didn’t know if that patient had died before or after being treated by the examiner.

Smith’s testimony comes as the Texas medical examiner’s office continues to grapple with a surge in coronavirus cases that prompted officials to declare a state of emergency on Thursday and extend the time to process coronaviruses and other diseases for which there is a pandemic warning.

In addition, Texas has announced plans to begin issuing a death certificate and burial notices to thousands of people who have died after contracting the virus.

Smith said he has performed an autopsy in the past and has conducted autopsies on patients he had performed before.

However, Smith said Thursday that in his 20 years as a medical examiner he never had an autopsy done on a patient who died while he worked in a private medical practice.

He said he was stunned to hear that the man died while Smith was performing autopsys.

Smith is the only person to have performed an autopsy on the deceased in Texas.

The autopsy was performed on the Texas Health Presbyterian Medical Center patient, and the autopsy results were made public Thursday.

The medical examiner said he had not seen a photo of the patient.

Smith was the lead investigator on the case that ultimately led to the Texas Department of State Health Services declaring a state emergency Thursday and issuing a statewide public health emergency for two days.

Smith testified that he has conducted thousands of autopses and autopsied patients over the past 20 years.

He has also done autopsy on patients who have been admitted to a hospital after receiving treatment by him or his office.

Smith also testified that there were several cases in which the autopsy showed no evidence of infection.

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