How to solve the mystery of the Pelham Examiner’s identity

The mystery of why Peterborough examiner Michael Pichton was identified by his initials has finally been solved.

The 46-year-old was born in Scotland and moved to England in 1996 to work in the family car business.

He left the country in 2001 and was granted a British passport in 2003, which he used to obtain his passport.

Pichson, who has not been named in the UK press, was originally from Dewsbury, south London, but his family moved to Pelham when he was 11 years old.

The mystery surrounding his identity has been solved The Pelham Enquiries and Review Board has now said that Pichman, who worked for the family company, Pelham Cars, had not been a resident of the UK since 2003.

The authority says that while the family has a “strong interest in the truth”, the inquiry into his identity will not be “closed” until a full forensic investigation is completed.

It has also said that it is working with the family to “address any gaps in the original document and provide an update on the status of this investigation”.

It says that the decision not to reopen the investigation was taken after “a thorough assessment of all the relevant facts and circumstances” and after “reviewing all relevant sources of information”.

In a statement, the Board of Enquiry said: “Following the completion of a full investigation by the family, we made the decision to not reopen the original case.”

The Enquires said that while Pichons passport had been “valid and valid for some time”, it was “currently not possible to establish whether the passport was issued under the relevant British legislation” as the case “remains in the custody of the relevant police force”.

The Board also said it was unable to confirm the identity of the person whose name Pichmann was identified on the document.

The board said that “while the family wishes to remain anonymous”, they “feel confident that their identity is not subject to any risk of identification”.

It added that the family “have taken steps to ensure that there is no trace of this person and that they are able to continue their lives with dignity.”

In a letter to the family in 2015, the family said that, although the family is “in the process of making arrangements to seek further legal advice, they are unable to provide any further details at this time”.

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