When you get your medical exam: Why do you need to go to the Bible?

Posted October 02, 2018 08:00:00 What’s your favourite bible verse?

If you’re like me, you can’t resist the temptation of the bible, but can you read it without the context?

If not, you might find yourself wondering what the bible says about a particular medical condition or procedure.

For me, I like to be aware of what the Bible has to say about the conditions I care about, so I have some basic questions to ask myself when I go to my doctor’s office.

What’s the context of the Bible for me?

If I’m unsure about what the context is, I’ll ask the Bible.

There are a few key points that should be mentioned when reading the Bible: There is a lot of emphasis on the Bible in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the New Covenant. 

The Bible is about the Bible and about God. 

As the book of Romans says, God created the world, and there is no other.

God created everything. 

There are two types of biblical verses: ones that are directly about the events and people involved in them, and ones that describe them as events that happened and happened to people, usually people in a specific area or people in specific times. 

What does the Bible say about a medical condition? 

The word medical is used to refer to the word doctor, and there are many medical conditions in the bible that could be called medical. 

For example, a person with diabetes could be a doctor. 

People with epilepsy could be doctors. 

A person with rheumatoid arthritis could be an osteopath. 

Many conditions can be referred to as medical, but a person with a serious illness such as cancer would be called doctor. 

Does the Bible have any specific references to people with medical conditions? 

There have been many different references in the medical bible. 

In the Bible the medical term miasma is used to describe the flow of air through the lungs, which can be seen as the body’s way of trying to keep air from getting into the bloodstream. 

This can lead to a condition called lung embolism, where the blood can get into the lungs through a cut or other wound. 

Another reference is pneumonia, which can be described as a body’s inability to produce oxygen. 

Other medical conditions include diabetes, cancer, pregnancy and obesity. 

Are there specific medical conditions that have specific medical names? 

Yes, in the book the term torture is also used to talk about medical conditions. 

Torture is when someone is tortured, or when they are treated in a way that makes them more or less susceptible to disease. 

Medical terms including toxicology and anaesthesia also have medical meaning. 

Is there any reference to someone having a condition or medical conditions?


Pregnancy is one of the major conditions in which medical medical terms and conditions are used. 

Doctors can use prenatal diagnosis to diagnose a woman with a condition. 

They can also refer to pre-natal diagnostic test tests to find a possible diagnosis. 

It is important to note that medical  terms can also refer to medical conditions such as infectious or malignant disorders and that healthcare professionals can also refer to medical treatment as treatment. 

Why are doctors called doctors?

 Medical doctors are medical doctors because they are medical. 

If you are not physically physiologically fit to work as a doctor, you will not be medical doctors. 

 Are there medical conditions referred to by medical terms? 

Medical conditions are often referred to in the medical bible by doctors and health care professionals, so it is important that you ask for the health care provider’s explanation. 

Do you have to read the bible? 

It depends on what you’re looking for. 

One of the main reasons I like the Bible is that I’m not a Christian person, so there’s a lot to understand about God’s Word, His people and the world. 

However, I also like the fact that there are medical conditions, which are well-known as well. 

Some of the conditions are known as preeclampsia which means pregnant women are born with a certain condition and they have to undergo chemotherapy. 

Others are tetanus which is a serious infection of the brain that is usually fatal. 

These medical disorders are known by medical and non-medical terms.

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