What’s your favourite cross examination show?

The popular series Cross Examined has been called one of the best in the industry and has been in the news for its focus on the “big questions” about what it means to be human. 

But what’s it like working with such an expert?

“Cross Examining is really about being on the other side of the truth,” said CJ Mascara, a New York-based expert on the show, which is broadcast on CBC Radio One and CBC World (CBCW).

“You’re not looking for facts and figures, you’re looking for what’s really important to the person being questioned.

It’s a great way to be able to put a human face to a question that you might not necessarily feel comfortable asking on the surface.

It lets people really feel what’s going on in the world and it’s a really useful tool for people who want to understand things better.” 

Mascara is the creator of Cross Exams, a podcast that aims to challenge what it’s really like to be a human being. 

He told the BBC that the show has become more popular in recent years, as more people have been exposed to the real-life experience of being cross-examined.

“People are questioning things about themselves and their relationships and they’re questioning the relationships that they’ve had with other people,” he said. 

“They’re questioning what the rules are in the relationship, whether they have to do that or not, whether or not they have the right to do it, whether it’s the right thing to do.

They’re questioning how they got there, and why they got here.

They want to know what happened.” The show features cross examination experts, such as Professor Richard Dawkins, who deliberately takes a “fairly scientific approach to questioning people” and Professor Mark Duggan, a former professor at New York University who has written several books on the subject. 

There’s also Dr. Margo Harrison, a professor who specialises in transgender health and Dr. Nancy Tucker, who specializes in gender dysphoria and has published several books on the topic. 

Each examologist has their own set of challenges, Mascaras said.

“They’ve got a particular set of questions that they’re asked and they have a particular expertise that they can give you,” he explained. 

For example, the podcast Tale of Two Crosses challenges trans people’s beliefs about their sex and gender identity.

“You know, I’m trans, I have an identity, I do not have male or female genitalia, and I am a person,” one interviewer asks.

“So how do you know whether I’m male or not?” 

The presenter responds that she “does not know”. 

The other questioner asks: “Are you a woman or a man?” 

“I am a woman,” she responds. 

Troubled by this, Maccara said the examiner then asks a more “troubling” question: “Why would you want to be this way?” 

Dr Dawkins, in a tweet following Mascaria’s appearance, tweeted: “I’d love to hear your answer to that, but you’re probably just confused.” 

“When people are confused, they’re often less open and less receptive to ideas, so we need to understand why that’s happening,” Mascamara said.

“When we have a group of people who have a lot of conflicting ideas, there’s a tendency for people to take things in different directions.”

I think that when people are having these conflicting ideas it can create some really bad experiences.” 

Dr Mascaroas is also involved in the  National Centre for Transgender Health in Canada, which he created to raise awareness about the growing health challenge of trans people. “

[It’s] also a show that helps us to understand what people have been through,” he added. 

Dr Mascaroas is also involved in the  National Centre for Transgender Health in Canada, which he created to raise awareness about the growing health challenge of trans people. 

It’s a group of experts who travelled around the country to conduct research on the issue, he said, to ensure that there is a better understanding of the health issues of trans people, and that people understand the different experiences trans people have. 

The show will also bring together other experts to help the interviewees understand the issue. 

A post on the show’s

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