How to cross-examine your thyroid expert

You’ve just found yourself in the cross examination room with your doctor.

You have an interesting question for the exam and your question seems to be the most interesting.

It could be a question that you’re looking for, a hint that you need more information or you just need to get the answers out of your mind.

Your doctor might even ask you to fill out a questionnaire about yourself, so you can get an idea of what your answers will be.

And you might even get an answer you’re hoping for.

The goal of cross-examination is to get your doctor to give you a clear answer, not to make you feel better.

If you feel like your doctor is just going to ask questions, you should ask for a more in-depth look.

Here’s what you should expect when you ask for an in-person examination.


How many times will the doctor look at your thyroid?


Are they looking at your eyes or at your ears?


What are the differences between the size of your thyroid and your ears and neck?


What do you think they’re looking at?


Do you feel your doctor’s eyes or your ears are looking at you?


How long will they be looking at this area?


Do they notice your ears, eyes, and neck are a little bigger than normal?


Is your thyroid bigger than your head?


Are you sure?


Is there a way to get this doctor to look at something else?

If they’re going to examine your thyroid, it’s important that you tell them about it before you ask.

What should you ask the doctor if they do?

If your doctor wants to know more about your thyroid or your thyroid problems, you might want to take a deeper look.

Ask if they know about thyroid cancer.

Your GP can usually tell you more about thyroid issues if you ask them.

They might also know about other things that might help you, like how your thyroid is affected by stress.

If they don’t know anything about your health, ask them about thyroid problems.

For example, a GP might tell you about the risks of thyroid cancer or the effects of thyroid medications.

What if the doctor isn’t available?

If you’re at home and you’re unable to call your GP, there’s nothing they can do.

Ask your GP if you can phone them instead.

If your GP doesn’t answer the phone, you may need to call another doctor.

If it’s not an urgent matter, you can also call the emergency department, a hospital or a GP.

What about a doctor’s prescription?

If the doctor gives you a prescription, you’ll need to check it for accuracy.

The only way to know if your prescription is up-to-date is to fill it out.

You’ll also need to fill in the doctor’s name, address and phone number, and get a copy of the prescription.

If the prescription doesn’t match, you won’t be able to get a refill.

Some prescriptions are only for certain conditions, like thyroid cancer and diabetes.

These are called prescription drugs.

If a doctor has prescribed you something for something else, you don’t need to sign a prescription unless it’s urgent.

If that’s the case, you probably need to wait until your next appointment to see a doctor.


How often will they ask you questions?

3: The doctor might ask you something that’s not in the exam notes, such as what you think you ate.


Are your answers to any of these questions specific or general?

5: Are your questions about thyroid function or your health specific or generic?

6: Do they give any hints about what to expect or about the symptoms they’re seeing?

7: Do you think the doctor will be able find out more about you, or what will they tell you?

8: What questions will they want you to answer?

How can you tell if your doctor answered them correctly?


What’s the most common question you get?

2: The most common questions are about thyroid disease, diabetes or the symptoms of thyroid disease.

3: For thyroid disease and diabetes, the most commonly asked questions are: Are you getting enough iodine?

Are you eating enough?

Are your blood sugar levels normal?

Are the symptoms normal?

Do you have a problem with your thyroid gland?

If so, do you need to take medication?

4: For some conditions, such a thyroid cancer, there are also questions about diabetes, including: Are the blood sugar readings normal?

Is there any kind of diabetes?

Are there any other health issues?

Are those symptoms normal for you?

Is your blood glucose level normal?

Have you had any other thyroid disease symptoms?

Have they responded to any thyroid medications?

5 and 6.

What is the most-asked question?

7 and 8.

What does the doctor want you not to tell them?

What do they expect you to say?

What’s your reaction?

What happens if you tell the

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