Former WA senator admits ‘I made a mistake’ over $1 million loan

A former WA senator who was involved in the handling of $1.5 million in loan repayments has apologised.

Senator Mike Nahan was the Senate’s finance and treasury committee chairman at the time.

Senator Nahan said he was “deeply sorry” for his role in the repayments, which were repaid in full by the Department of Finance.

He was a member of the WA Upper House and chaired the Senate Committee on Finance.

“My error of judgment and poor judgment led to the repayings being repaid and I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused to anyone,” Senator Nahan told the ABC.

“I am sorry to anyone who was impacted by the repayals, particularly those who were impacted by a payment for a business venture.”

The repayment repayments were made through the Treasurer’s Office and the WA Government’s debt management program, which allows the WA State Government to repay debts incurred during the recession.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Nahan denied he had made a “misunderstanding”.

“The Treasurer’s office is not the appropriate body for these matters,” he said.

Mr Nahan made the apology after The Age reported the issue in January, and a month after it was reported in The Australian Financial Review.

The Federal Government and the Department for Finance said they were investigating.

A spokesperson for the Treasurer said Mr Nahn’s apology was in line with what was already in the public record.

“[It’s] very much a matter for the Department, and we’re in the process of working with the Treasurer on what is appropriate to say in response to that issue,” the spokesperson said.

“He’s also been very clear that he’s going to apologise unreservedly for any wrongdoing, and he’ll take the full extent of any sanction from the Department.”

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