Why a New Jersey judge has rejected an examiner’s claim of wrongful arrest

A New Jersey appeals court has overturned a district attorney’s claim that an officer who pulled him over for speeding was unfairly targeted by the officer’s own superiors.

The appeals court found that the district attorney failed to present evidence that the officer was driving erratically, but it didn’t matter because the officer acted within his constitutional rights.

The decision could have a major impact on future decisions by the courts in other states.

Lawyers for the officer, Richard DeFazio, argued that his constitutional right to an independent investigation by an attorney was violated by the district Attorney’s office.

The district attorney told DeFafazio he had a duty to investigate because he believed he was in danger, the Associated Press reported.

In his appeal, the district attorneys lawyer argued that the police department’s actions were not based on the facts and that the traffic stop was valid under the state’s traffic law.

“We were given probable cause to stop you,” DeFaulio’s attorney, Anthony G. Fauci, said in his appeal.

“There is no evidence that you were driving erratic.

You were pulled over for a broken taillight.”

DeFaulios traffic stop occurred on Sept. 22, 2016, in the city of Newark, New Jersey, and the officer stopped him for a busted taillights light.

He asked DeFrazio if he had any weapons and asked him to step out of his car.

DeFuzio declined and the two drove around, with the officer following them.

The officer then pulled him out of the car and handcuffed him.

DeFazios family attorney said the traffic stops were illegal and unconstitutional.

The court also found that DeFauci had no reasonable suspicion that De Fazio was engaged in criminal activity and that there was no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Faucci also argued that De Foazio did not have a reasonable expectation that the department would conduct a thorough investigation and that DeFOazio’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

“This case presents no genuine Fourth Amendment questions,” the appeals court said.

The judge noted that Defoazio had been released on bond and was free on bond.

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