How to find a medical examiner in India

A few days ago, I was in the office of a private medical examiner (MOE) in Delhi when I was contacted by a concerned person who was concerned about the quality of medical examiners in the country.

A few minutes later, I received a phone call from the person who called me to inform me that his colleague, a doctor from a private hospital in Delhi, had told him that the medical examiner in his city has been removed and that his post was vacant.

I was shocked, especially when I learnt that the MD was the head of a local private medical school.

After some research and a phone conversation, I discovered that this MD had worked at the private medical college for over a decade.

I have worked with this MD for almost 15 years now, and I know how important it is to find qualified medical examines in the area.

The reason why I was concerned was because I know that the examiners of private medical colleges are typically highly qualified and they are able to deliver the best medical exams.

In addition, the doctors in the college are often experienced in the field of medical examination, which is why they can perform the most stringent and thorough exams.

The doctor who called my phone said that the head doctor of the private hospital had informed him that his position was vacant and that he had been transferred.

He told me that he would be making an application to the local authority for appointment of a new head doctor.

I have never heard of a medical examining college being transferred.

I contacted the head doctors of several private medical schools and asked them about this matter.

I found that the institution was not the only one in the city where this MD was employed.

I contacted the state medical commissioner and informed him about the matter.

He said that he was unaware of this and that a few days earlier, he had informed the private school’s head doctor about this.

This is what I have been hearing from my contacts in the medical profession in Delhi.

The private medical institution in my locality is a private institution with an excellent reputation.

In fact, many other private medical institutes in Delhi have similar reputation.

The MD told me about the incident in which he was removed from the post and that the incident occurred in May 2017.

The medical examination college in my area is a well-known medical college.

When I asked the head physicians about this, they said that they had no idea about this incident.

This led me to wonder if this was not a case of ‘posting the doctor as a new doctor’.

I had never heard such a thing before.

In the same manner, I found out about the post-mortem in the private college.

I asked them if they could help me locate the MD.

The head doctors said that there was no problem with this.

The MD told us that he worked as a doctor at the medical college and had no previous experience in the practice of medical exams, apart from his years of working at the Medical College of Rajasthan.

The other doctors told me they were not familiar with this incident and did not have any information about it.

The matter has now been sent to the relevant authorities for investigation.

If it was not for this case, I would have not contacted the police about this issue.

This was the first time that I have ever been contacted by the police, and this was the case that has led me into the process of contacting the police.

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