An examination of the brain damage caused by a suspected case of ‘the Ebola virus’

An examination has revealed the extent of brain damage seen in a suspected Ebola case in Western Australia.

Key points:A case of the “Ebola virus” has been reported in Western Australian’s north-west, a coronavirus expert saysThe virus has been linked to an infection in the state’s south-westThe state is in a state of emergency after the first confirmed case of coronaviruses is reportedIn a press conference on Thursday afternoon, a health expert from the state Health Department said the suspected case was “probably related to the Ebola virus”.

The news was greeted with shock and concern across the state.

Health department head of infectious diseases Dr Paul Hannon said the case was reported in a community in the central north-western town of Lismore.

“There’s no reason why someone should be at risk if they have not been vaccinated,” he said.

“The risk of contracting a coronovirus from this is not known.”

Dr Hannon told 7.30 that it was not known whether there was any direct link to the recent coronaviral scare in Victoria.

He said it was possible the person had been exposed to the virus via food, water or contact with the sick.

“But there is no direct relationship to the new coronavaccine scare,” Dr Hannon added.

The first case of “Ebbola virus”, a coronococcosis, was reported on Wednesday.

The virus was detected in the air and in the blood of a man in his 50s who was brought to hospital on Wednesday night, according to coronavirotologists at the Australian National University.

He was in a critical condition but was being treated at the same hospital where the case first came to light.

A third person has tested positive for the virus in the Western Australian capital Canberra, and the state health department says it is not yet certain whether it is the same person.

The department says there is currently no direct evidence linking the case with the recent spate of coronocides across the country.

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