Which medical examiner certified medical examiners to perform medical examing on US military?

The military’s medical examiner is certified to perform an autopsy on US service members who died in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the Army Medical Examiner’s Office has the authority to conduct medical examinations in both places, according to a memorandum from the Pentagon’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Human Resources.

But the memo did not detail when the military would be able to carry out such medical examins.

In addition, it did not mention that the military has the right to take custody of the bodies of soldiers killed by enemy fire, even if they are still alive.

In the meantime, the Pentagon has allowed the medical examiner to hold autopsy reports on bodies that are believed to be from service members killed in combat, including a handful of former service members.

The military said in a statement to Newsweek that the process to confirm an autopsy has been expedited.

It added that it would review the process after the military completes a review of the process.

The US military says that the medical examines are done to ensure that the deceased person is as close to the remains as possible, which can be vital to the proper identification of the person who died.

The Army Medical Examiners Office has a mandate to perform autopsies in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are currently no military medical examinas in either country, according the memorandum.

In Iraq, there is a military medical examiner in charge of autopsying US military personnel.

But that agency has been accused of improperly killing civilians in Iraq and is currently in the process of being dissolved.

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