The forensic medical examiners’ report on the Las Vegas shooting

The forensic examination of a body found at the scene of the Las Venetian Resort and Casino shooting found no signs of a gunshot wound, according to a report released Tuesday.

The report, the first forensic medical examination of the event, concluded that “no other gunshot wounds were observed in the body.”

It found that the suspect had a single gunshot wound in the back of the head and that “the injury was not consistent with the shooting, as is the case in many cases where a person is shot in the head.”

It was the first of its kind and was released by the National Center for State Courts, which is part of the National Institute of Justice.

“This is the first time we have reviewed a forensic medical report of a mass shooting in the United States,” David Weintraub, who was the chief medical examiner at the time of the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, said in a statement.

“Our work with forensic experts to establish a pathologist’s opinion about the cause of death of the deceased is an important step toward determining the best course of action in the case.”

The report did not include information on what led to the shooting and said the investigation is ongoing.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing and will continue.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in September that the Las Veldsinos police chief, Michael Colangelo, said his department had received more than 30 calls related to the incident in the weeks leading up to the event.

The paper cited Colangelo as saying there had been more than 600 calls since the shooting.

The FBI has said it will review the results of the investigation.

A spokesman for the state attorney general’s office said in December the investigation into whether there were any constitutional or statutory violations by Las Vegas police was still open.

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