Why are medical examiners paid more than lawyers?

An examination of medical examining jobs in Florida revealed that the median salary of medical examiner positions in the state is $73,000, while the median wage of an attorney is $68,000.

The study, which analyzed the salaries of over 1,200 medical examinees in the Sunshine State, also found that of the top ten medical examiner jobs in the county, five were paid $100,000 or more.

Florida Bar Examining Association president David H. Bienenstock said he was “disappointed” with the results.

“We have seen that some medical examinants are highly paid.

I was really disappointed to see that,” Bienanstock said.

“And the average salary of our state’s highest paid attorney is nearly $70,000 a year.

That is unheard of.”

The study found that, despite the salaries being relatively higher, medical examines in Florida had more than 7,500 employees.

The number of medical exams performed by Florida’s medical examiner agency is currently at 1,724.

According to the Florida Bar Examiners Association, that number is expected to rise to 2,878 by 2022.

The average salary per Florida attorney is more than $70 million, according to the association.

In order to get to the $100 million salary range, attorneys need to be licensed in their state of residency and have completed a residency program.

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