How Trump is doing with a new examiner

A new examiner from the Department of Homeland Security has been hired to oversee the nation’s immigration enforcement, which has been in crisis for months as Congress refuses to pass legislation that would address the problem.

The announcement comes after Trump appointed a new Homeland Security Secretary on Tuesday, and the administration is ramping up its deportation enforcement efforts.

Trump has repeatedly pledged to crack down on illegal immigration and has proposed sweeping changes to U.S. immigration policy.

The new examiner, who will be responsible for enforcing the immigration laws of the U.N. and U.K., is the first official in the administration to have worked in immigration enforcement.

“We are deeply honored to welcome and confirm our newest inspector general to the DHS,” Acting Secretary Tom Ridge said in a statement.

“The Department of DHS is a leader in securing the homeland.

I am proud to lead our nation’s most successful immigration enforcement agency.”

The new inspector general will oversee the DHS’s efforts to keep illegal immigrants from entering the U, as well as the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes, the agency said.

The appointment of the new inspector is the latest in a series of changes for the agency under Trump, who took office in January.

The president has made immigration reform one of his top priorities, but he has also called for a crackdown on illegal border crossings.

The administration is still reviewing the details of how it will enforce immigration laws and enforce border security policies, which will be overseen by the Department for Homeland Security.

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