Which Indian sports stars have undergone the most eye exams?

An examination of the top five Indian athletes who have undergone eye examinations, and which athletes had the most severe eye issues, has been released by the independent medical examination company Ashwagandsha.

The top five athletes who are currently undergoing the examinations include the athletes from the Indian team for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the Indian cricket team, the football team, and the national team for a Test match against the Australians in Adelaide in 2018.

The examination of their eye health, and of the athletes’ integrity is being conducted by Ashwagraha’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Ashish Dixit, who has been in the field of eye examinations for nearly four decades.

“In this year’s examination, the top 10 athletes, and their family members have been identified,” said Dr Dixi in a press release.

“We have been able to identify the top athletes and their relatives through an eye examination, which has been conducted in collaboration with the eye specialist and his/her team.”

“These are among the top sportspersons, athletes, cricketers, cricket officials and football players who have been tested for eye issues,” said Ashwagsh.

“It is a matter of great concern that the top 5 athletes and family members who have participated in these examinations, including their relatives, have been unable to make it out of the eye examination,” said the release.

The athletes, who are members of the Indian Cricket Board (ICB), have been subject to numerous eye tests over the years, which have revealed numerous eye issues including hyperopia, astigmatism, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

“This year’s eye examinations will include an eye test of the retina and retinal nerve,” said Dixiti.

“The purpose of the examination is to establish whether the athlete’s vision is still intact, and whether the condition continues to affect the athlete in any way,” he added.

The team for Rio will take on the Australian team in Adelaide for a two-day Test match.

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