World’s oldest passenger plane remains grounded after crash

A World War II vintage passenger plane that has been flying around the world for decades has been grounded because of a mechanical problem.

The Wright Brothers Warbird made its first flight on Feb. 13, 1939 and has flown to many countries in the world.

“The airplane is in the final stages of a major repair program,” the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement on Wednesday.

“This maintenance program is expected to be completed by the end of June.”

The FAA said the plane is currently in the process of being taken to an aircraft maintenance facility.

The aircraft’s manufacturer, Pratt & Nash Aircraft Co., said it was “in the process” of finding an owner for the plane.

It’s the first plane in history to be deemed a “designated aircraft.”

The Wright brothers made the plane, known as the World War I Warbird, a World War Two-era aircraft that was made to be flown by civilians.

It is known as a Warbird because of its distinctive, red wings, distinctive wings, and red paint.

The plane’s engine, which was designed for military use, was designed by Pratt &amps; Nash in 1917.

“It was a pretty unique aircraft,” Douglas Wright told CBC News in a 2013 interview.

“We wanted to make it very affordable, so we used a lot of high-strength steel and fiberglass, and we made it very lightweight, and it had a really high performance.”

The Warbird has been used by civil and military authorities for years, but is the first one that has ever been declared an aircraft.

“If you look at the history of airplanes, airplanes are not supposed to fly,” said David O’Sullivan, a historian at the Wright Institute for Biography.

“They are supposed to be used for military purposes.”

Wright said the Wright Brothers decided to build a small plane for civilian use because they were interested in having an airplane that could be easily used for training purposes.

The airplane has flown in various countries since, but has not flown commercially since 2013.

“There are people who want to fly it, but they can’t because of the safety issues associated with this airplane,” Wright said.

“But I have been able to see firsthand how it works, and I’m happy to see that people are still willing to put in the effort and get a War Bird in their lives.”

The airplane’s owner is trying to sell the plane to an individual buyer, but that person won’t be flying it.

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