Which are the most popular referees in the Premier League?

Official Premier League referee numbers reveal a number of things.

They reveal that the game is in need of an overhaul and that there are more games than ever.

The official figures reveal that there have been 1,812 official referee appearances in the first 12 months of this season, compared with the 1,621 the season before.

The Premier League has had a few more official games this season than last, though, with 2,084 officiating appearances, compared to 1,717 in the season prior.

The number of official referee games also fell slightly compared to the first half of the season.

Official referee numbers were also up in England, with the average official referee playing an average of 9 matches a week, compared by a year ago.

There are now a further 3,723 official referee roles, according to official statistics from the Professional Game Match Officials Association, with a further 2,933 official referee jobs available across the entire country.

The majority of official game referee roles are still in the lower leagues, with England’s official game referees playing fewer games than they did a year or so ago.

England’s Official Game Match Referees played 1,054 official game matches this season.

England and Scotland have the highest number of games played, with 6,076 and 6,543 respectively, but official game officiating is still in decline in Scotland.

Official game refereeing in Scotland is currently at an all-time low, with just 4,826 official game referents playing official game match officiating duties in 2016.

Official Game Refereed is the official game football app on iPhone and Android, designed to help match officials understand their role, manage their workload, and plan their games to the best of their ability.

The app is a must-have app for match officials and match officials’ coaches and managers.

The Official Game Game Referee app allows match officials to work together in an easy-to-use interface.

It’s free to download and you can watch official match refereeing matches online for free.

Official match referee stats and stats on official game official games can be found here.

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