How to check if your baby has died from COVID-19

NEW YORK (AP) A Boston medical examiner’s office is investigating a COVID report of a newborn infant who died of the virus that killed his parents and two siblings in May.

A report was made public Friday that says the infant died of COVID, an infection of the respiratory system that can cause pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.

The child, whose name was not released, was 5 months old.

The baby’s mother had been at home when she received a call from the infant’s father, who said he’d been bitten by a mosquito.

A nurse took the baby to Boston Children’s Hospital, where she died.

The girl’s father said he was bitten on the chest, neck and back.

He also suffered cuts to his hands and his genitals, the report says.

His parents were hospitalized and treated at Children’s, and he returned home.

A woman who lives near the home and whose name wasn’t released said she didn’t know the family, but had heard rumors of their troubles.

“The family was very stressed,” said the woman, who didn’t want to be identified.

“They were in a bad place.

They weren’t eating.

They were sleeping in the hospital.”

She said the family had been staying in an apartment, which she believed to be in a high-crime area.

The report says a worker at Boston Childrens had visited the apartment the day before the child’s death and noticed the girl’s bed had a hole in the floor.

A worker then called a neighbor who found the hole, the medical examiner said.

The worker called the Massachusetts State Police, which responded and took the girl to the hospital, where a worker who didn:///s/c/boston/sos/pvt007926-eabf-4e1b-a734-5baf1c9a8c8d/a/bw-a-967/article/s?img=a-8f8c9c9b-e0f7-45e3-9d6f-e1a0d2b6f0e0&src=twsrc%5Etfw&s=0&c=0#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