How to find the news in obituars

As the anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi approaches, the Indian press has been busy analysing the news, finding out the meaning behind the stories.

This week, the government has issued an official announcement on the anniversary, as part of its centenary celebrations, and the obituary of the country’s most influential journalist is being widely used to highlight the achievements and failures of the new regime.

As the anniversary approaches, we wanted to put together a simple guide to the news of the day in India, in terms of obituarial meaning.

We hope it will be of use to you, our readers.

First, the storyThe news of today is about the anniversary and the people of India.

It is also about the coronavirus pandemic and the legacy of Indira, the first woman prime minister.

Today, the obituary is published by the Indian government.

The government has said it wants to commemorate Indira by celebrating the achievements of her life.

This is an attempt to honour her achievements and to celebrate the country and its people.

This new obit, in addition to the earlier one, was launched on the day she was shot and killed.

The obit is based on a number of sources.

A series of newspapers in the state of Kerala published the story on the eve of her assassination.

A prominent journalist from the state newspaper The Times of India, Dinesh Srivastava, wrote a series of articles about her life that were published on social media, including a story about her role in the government.

Indira Gandhi was shot on November 27, 1980, in her office in New Delhi.

Indira was shot by two men, the brother of her husband and the nephew of her son, Rajiv Gandhi, and shot in the head, killing her instantly.

The three men who opened fire were sentenced to death.

Indra’s son and two nephews were arrested.

Indra Gandhi was the youngest daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru and the eldest daughter of Nehru’s late father Jawaharshi.

She was elected as India’s first female prime minister in 1980, and was the first Indian woman to hold a national office.

Indiraji had been working as a journalist for a local daily newspaper in the western state of Tamil Nadu when he was shot in 1980.

He survived the shooting but died in hospital.

In an obit that was published in a local newspaper, he was remembered for his commitment to his profession and his support for the people.

He was also one of the most popular figures in India.

In the days before the coronacide, he gave a speech at the funeral of the deceased prime minister and gave a heartfelt tribute to her legacy, the country, and to the people who had given their lives for her.

Today the government is trying to celebrate Indira as a hero and an inspirational figure.

The coronaviral pandemic is also a part of the celebration.

The new obituar has more than 500 words about the event.

It includes stories from the media and the government, and offers the history of the pandemic, including the names of the people and the coronas.

It also details the efforts of the Indian army, the police, the medical staff and the entire Indian nation to stop the pandemics from spreading.

The Government has also made it a central part of this year’s centenary, as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of Independence Day.

The Obituary of the Greatest Indian President is published in the morning and followed by the morning news.

It will contain stories about the country since the time of Indiraji, including some from the Indian Press, and will also include a tribute to the Indian nation and to her achievements.

Indulgence in obitulation is one of India’s great traditions.

The obit will feature a photograph of Indulge in oblation and a note that explains the meaning of the oblation.

The note will say: “We offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of the late Indira.

We pray that the news and the story of Indiara’s life are conveyed with love and compassion.”

Read more about the obitation of Indrek Gandhi on our obitular page.

The new obita is not the first time that a government has published an obituarist to commemorate a particular event.

In March, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, was also celebrated with a copy of the Hindu Mahasabha, an organisation that prides itself on being a centre of the political right.

The Prime Minister, however, was celebrating Indira’s 100th birthday in a new way, with a new, more traditional obit.

This obit also features a photograph from the day of the shooting and a message on how the news has affected his family.

It is a move that could be interpreted as a reference to the new

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