Forensic nurse examiner investigates medical examiner’s ‘confession’

An independent forensic nurse Examiner for the District of Columbia is investigating medical examiner David Gore’s confession that he committed a murder-for-hire scheme in the 1980s.

The examiner, a woman who works in the coronavirus response, is part of a growing body of forensic nurses that has emerged in recent years as the most visible face of the coronave-style coronaviral pandemic.

“My job is to investigate every single homicide, every single murder that occurred in the District,” said Elizabeth Macdonald, a forensic nurse and director of the National Center for Forensic Nursing.

She also has a long-standing interest in coronaviruses.

Macdonald is one of the few forensic nurses in the country who is also a certified nurse examiner (CNE), an advanced degree that allows her to conduct more complex, specialized investigations and interview the victims and witnesses to find the cause of death.

It’s a credential that can make her an invaluable asset in the fight against coronavires.

Gore’s confession has already led to the resignations of five other forensic nurses who have investigated him, and he’s facing up to three years in prison.

Macdonald is not concerned about the outcome of the investigation, and she said she’s not trying to change the minds of Gore or the District Attorney.

“I’m just doing my job, which is to be as objective as possible,” she said.

Gore confessed to a sexual assault and conspiracy to commit murder to his then-girlfriend, a nurse who worked at the District’s medical examiner office.

A nurse examiner’s job is a role that requires her to look at and interpret the physical evidence of crimes and other crimes.

She then must look at the testimony of the witnesses and the physical findings of the victims.

Macdonald said she has had to examine the bodies of at least four women who were murdered by Gore in the decades after he confessed to them.

Investigators also have found a box of documents that Gore claimed he kept in a basement of his house in Maryland that had never been seen before.

MacDonald said the documents, which have been tested, also showed Gore had a notebook with the name of a former colleague who had worked with him and his former girlfriend.

In addition, a former friend of Gore’s who worked in the medical examiner division said he had a file with information about the alleged murder-suicide, according to Macdonald.

Gale was convicted of conspiracy to murder, murder-murder for hire and two counts of obstruction of justice in the 1990s.

His conviction was overturned in 2008 and he was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison.

He was also ordered to pay $1.7 million in restitution to victims of the 1980 deaths of two women and a woman whose body was never found.

A spokesman for Gore said he would not comment on the case until Macdonald and Gore have an opportunity to discuss the case.

As a result of the case, Gore’s case has sparked a growing number of nurses across the country.

Macoughin, who was appointed by President Donald Trump to lead the National Institute of Forensic Nursing in February, has said that the institute would “open the door” to other forensic nurse examiners in the future.

Some forensic nurses are beginning to speak out about their experiences, but Macdonald said that’s a very small percentage of the population.

One of the nurses in her lab at the Center for Investigative Reporting in Los Angeles is in contact with a man who said he was hired by Gore as a “cover” to help him cover up his crimes.

The man, who has a previous criminal history, said Gore told him he wanted him to keep his identity secret, according of the man’s complaint.

Macoughin said that her lab has also become more open to other coronaviree workers.

“[This] has really opened the door for other forensic nursing to come in and work, and to see what they can do and what we can do,” Macdonald told The Washington Post.

With the rise of more independent forensic nurses, the profession is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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