How to get credit for your own work

A new app that tracks how you’re doing as an examiner has helped thousands of examiners get their work noticed and rewarded.

Empowered by the new app by the Office of the Chief Executive, the Examiner Enterprise, available for iOS and Android, tracks how examiners are performing across different exams and lets them easily share their work with their peers.

The app is an attempt to bring examiners closer to each other, by letting them share their results with one another.

The Examiner Enterprise is not a tool, it’s a platform for examiners to communicate and collaborate with one-another, said Andrew Daugherty, the CEO of the Examiner.

The platform allows examiners in the same organization to share their performance in a collaborative fashion, and encourages collaboration and teamwork across examiners across different companies.

Daugherty said the app has been a “very, very positive” experience for examinators across all levels.

“It’s really opened up the door for more examiners who are interested in learning how to apply their knowledge,” he said.

“I think it’s really exciting because it opens up a really powerful dialogue between people in different companies, and people across the country, and it allows them to communicate their knowledge with one person, instead of having to do it with a bunch of different people.”‘

I think the next big thing for me is to get my own exam’Daugries’ app has helped examiners from all over the world to share and collaborate on exam results, allowing them to share results with their colleagues.

“This is a really important thing for us to get people to share,” he explained.

“It’s not just a tool for people to be able to share, it can also be an avenue for them to collaborate and share.”

The app has attracted attention across the internet, with the site attracting more than 2 million users and the Examiner Exchange, which Daugries co-founded, gaining hundreds of thousands of users as well.

The Examiner Enterprise will be free to use from Friday and is currently available for testing on both iOS and on Android.

Development Is Supported By

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