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Cross examination questions can be asked in cross examination interviews.

They’re one of the key questions you should ask before a witness gets cross-examined.

It’s important to remember that the questions can vary from one witness to another and they’re usually quite specific to that witness.

Here are some common questions to ask when cross-examination is being asked.

Are you sure you are telling the truth? 

Is it really you who has lied? 

Are you telling the whole truth?

Are you telling a whole story? 

What happened?

What’s the significance of the information? 

Who are you and what do you want from me? 

Do you believe me?

If you’re unsure of your answer, ask yourself this question: “Do I really believe that I’m telling the full truth?

Does that mean I have to answer the questions in a certain way or a certain manner?” 

Have you had an opportunity to cross examine someone?

If yes, ask them some questions about what happened. 

Have they been cross-interviewed?

If no, ask a question about the time of the interview.

Are there any witnesses that are not willing to be cross-counseled? 

In a cross- examination, the questions are typically given in two ways.

In one, you’ll be asked to tell a simple story about the witness’s involvement with a particular event. 

In the other, you will be asked some specific questions about the person’s role in that event.

The first question asks you whether the witness knows that the witness is telling the complete truth.

If you say yes, then you’ll have a chance to talk about the events that led up to the event.

If, however, you say no, then the witness may be able to explain what he or she did or didn’t do and how the witness was involved. 

If you have been cross examined and have a different view of events than the witness you were cross-comparing, the witness might have to provide evidence to back up the different views they have of the witness. 

To do this, the cross- examiner will ask you to describe what the witness did during the time period of cross- questioning.

For example, they might ask you what the witnesses’ involvement in the events leading up to and following the crime took place. 

The question you should be asking your cross- examinee is, “Do you know what the circumstances are that led you to believe that the events occurred?” 

The questions you ask your cross examinee will depend on the circumstances of the crime.

For instance, if you were investigating the theft of property from a business, you might ask your witness to tell you what they believe the facts were and how they happened.

If the witness says they were not involved in that theft, then it’s a bit more difficult to cross-reference with other information about the crime, such as the witness’ version of events. 

A witness can tell you things about themselves that they can’t share with the police.

For this reason, you should not be questioning a witness about their past or present behaviour.

If a witness is questioned about what they did in the past, you shouldn’t ask about what that witness did at the time they were interviewed. 

When a witness was asked about the date of the offence, the answer is usually given in the form of a date. 

For example, if the witness testified that they were arrested on the night of the murder, you may ask them about that, or the time that the victim was found dead. 

Do your cross examination skills and abilities match the person you are interviewing? 

If a witness tells you that the circumstances leading up and following to the crime are the same as the person they were interviewing the witness, they can be cross examined about their own behaviour. 

You’ll also want to ask them to tell the witness about any other evidence that might support the witness statement. 

Are there any questions that need to be answered in the interview? 


You need to ask questions about specific matters that can be used to support the cross examination. 

As an example, you could ask if the witnesses memory of the time the crime occurred is consistent with the witness being involved in the crime on the same date as the crime? 

Similarly, you need to investigate whether a witness has a reasonable doubt about what the evidence is that supports the witness version of the events.

Do you think you’ll get an answer? 

Depending on the witness and the circumstances, you can be sure that the cross examiner is going to get an accurate answer. 

Don’t give up!

There’s nothing worse than a witness giving you a false answer, but you need a good reason to believe the witness when you do cross- exam the witness again.

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